Ozone Generator, Oxygen Concentrator, Air Purifier and Water Treatment Solutions Provider

At OSUNSHINE, we supply ozone generators that efficiently clean air and water at affordable prices and with great customer service and support. Over the years, we’ve worked with hotels needing to deodorize their guests rooms, golf country clubs treating their swimming pool, and food processing centers trying to maintain clean work spaces to design custom oxygen generating machines that have a consistent ozone output and high effective rates. Whatever your needs, we guarantee that our skilled staff can find the right ozone equipment for you.

    1. Intelligent Ozone Generator

      The ozone generator is available with an automatic alarm system and over 20 protection functions, which ensures all-around protection during operation.

    1. 100-200mg/h Mini Ozone Generator

      We offer two different models of the mini ozone generator, which is the size of your palm and can be used anywhere in homes, hotel rooms, cars, offices and other rooms.

    1. 1-10g/h Portable Ozone Generator

      Our 1-10g/h portable ozone generators come in models producing 3g, 5g, 6g, and 7g of ozone per hour with an adjustable output of 20%-100%.

    1. Air Cooled Ozone Generator

      The air cooled ozone generator is made of high-strength carbon steel and plastic casing. An air cooled system keeps the generator operating in good conditions.

    1. Above 1kg/h Ozone Generator

      The 1-1.5kg/h ozone generator is large oxygen generating machine used in industrial settings such as in tank generators and waste water treatment.

    1. Water Ozonator

      The CH-WCZ-2 water ozonator produces ozone water at 1800-2400 liters per hour, and the water ozone machine controls output of dissolved water with concentrations from 4mg/l to 15mg/l.

    1. Ozone Cell (with Ceramic Tube)

      The ozone cell with ceramic tube uses imported ceramic, SS 316L internal electrodes, and anti-oxidant Teflon connections to ensure a long service life.

    1. Ozone Cell (with Enamel Tube)

      The ozone cell with enamel tube is designed with a 90° angle, stainless steal, and dual water coolers design for a compact ozone generator with a high and stable ozone output.

    1. Ozone Cell (with Quartz Glass Tube)

      Compared with ceramic ozone plate generators, ozone cells with quartz glass tubes are hard, compact, and sturdy.

  • Applications
  • Ozone machines provide clean and clean treatments for the food industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, and aquaculture industry. The following is how different customers have used our products to their benefit.

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  • Custom Service
  • ServiceAlong with manufacturing oxygen generators, industrial ozone generators, portable ozone generators, and aquaculture equipment, OSUNSHINE provides advanced air and water purifying solutions and a technical staff to support customers along the way.

    Customized ServiceHealthy, pure air and water are needed everywhere. That's why we design customized ozone generators for home, commercial, or industrial use with a wide range of specifications from function, size, material, and cooling methods. Our air and water purifiers clean and clean air and water as well as removes odors and increases oxygen content. Using your customized specifications, drawings, and parameters, we'll provide you with a prototype, test it and manufacture it.